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Luxbelle Story: Taking Your Life Back From Allergies

  Luxbelle Health Story Katie Embree, was a severe allergy sufferer. At the age of 25 she began to experience serious, even life threatening allergic reactions as well as loss of energy. Do these symptoms sound familiar? Is this you?  Know there is relief! Learn more about how the Luxbelle Spa and Air [...]

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A Luxbelle Story: Allergy Relief

Learn more about how you can experience these amazing benefits from the Luxbelle Air Purification System. Feel your best and get your life back from Allergies; click here.

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Fall Season is Allergy Season: How to Thrive

Fall Season is Allergy Season: The Stats + How to Thrive  When you think of Fall you most likely think of day-trips to the cider mill, pumpkin spiced lattes and football games, but for allergy sufferers, who are an estimated 50 million Americans, Fall is a time of unbearable allergic reactions. Sensitivity to ragweed and [...]

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Testimonial Tuesday

  Learn more about the Luxbelle Infrared Sauna! Read how people of all walks of life and health issues have found relief!  We have testimonials from people with chronic pain, allergies, flu and colds, joint pain and more. We strive to create and manufacture the absolute highest quality of health and wellness products. Learn more [...]

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Last Minute Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Health

Are you scrambling to find gifts for your loved ones? Give gifts with a touch of health! Here’s our Luxbelle-approved Last-minute Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Health! Kits, Kits, Kits DIYing couldn’t be more fun and free of added chemicals and processed ingredients with these “Make Your Own…” Kits. Neatly packaged, with all ingredients [...]

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Enjoy the season’s simple and imperfect joys

  We tend to have unreasonably high expectations for the Holidays, which can lead to serious stress and even depression. Take a deep breathe and remember even when things are not going perfectly, life still is quite wonderful. Add this graphic to your online galleries! Pin to your very own inspiration board or share on [...]

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Testimonial Tuesday: A Luxbelle Story

Did you know the Luxbelle Phytoncide Air Purifier is also great for those of you looking to boost energy and lung capacity for training and exercising! Jonathan is one of many customers that have experience the benefits of the Hinoki Cypress Essential Oils! Learn more learn more about how you can experience these amazing benefits [...]

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Holiday Health Tweaks

Manage Stress with Holy Basil This ancient herb found in Ayurvedic practices has been known to help aid in many health problems over the years but the most recent and compelling research suggests Holy Basil as a stress relief, balancing cortisol levels. This adaptogenic herb doesn’t necessarily boost or alter mood, but aids the body [...]

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Small Steps to Ease Chronic Pain

Being at the Fibromyalgia Coalition National Conference this past weekend, we were able to listen to the stories of those living with chronic pain and coping with Fibromyalgia. 10 million have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in the US. Those who are living with chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia are near and dear to our hearts [...]

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Happy Weekend + Links for You

Hello Friends of Luxbelle Health! How was your weekend? We spent ours talking to hundred of real people who are living with Fibromyalgia at the National Fibromyalgia Coalition Conference and Retreat. We partnered with a fellow wellness warrior and dear friend Elizabeth Jones from Healthiest Day Ever to listen to the stories of those suffering [...]

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