Are you scrambling to find gifts for your loved ones? Give gifts with a touch of health! Here’s our Luxbelle-approved Last-minute Gift Guide: Give the Gift of Health!

Kits, Kits, Kits

DIYing couldn’t be more fun and free of added chemicals and processed ingredients with these “Make Your Own…” Kits. Neatly packaged, with all ingredients and how-tos here’s our top picks; Italian Cheesemaking Kit, Micro-Green Kit, or for the health-adventurer; Kombucha Home Brew Kit.  You’ll feel all warm and fuzzy when you see their reactions from these interactive + health-minded gifts!

Simple Science Juices

Give the gift of health with gift cards or a pre-ordered batch of cold-press juices! It is the absolutely best way to get the most nutrients from fruits and veggie. Whether its to boost energy, ward off colds or just to drink something delicious! Added bonus; it’s local for all you Kansas Citians and you can have it delivered!

DIY Health

Some of the best health and wellness gifts are just as easy for you to DIY. With a few items from the pantry and a short shopping list you’ll be able to whip up a few healthy delights for your loved ones. Here’s our suggestions

Beauty – Whipped Body Butter, Coconut + Coffee Scrub, Lavender Eye Mask

Health – Elderberry Syrup, Winter Tea Blends, Sleep Salve

Home – Terrariums, Beeswax Candles

Veggie Spiral Slicer

Here’s a gift that will change someone’s life, a slicer that turns veggies into the delicious thin pasta-like slices! You’ll open their world up to guilt-free “pasta” dishes! Get yours here.


Luxbelle Air Purifier

If you’re looking for the the simplest way to help integrate health into your loved ones life, the Luxbelle Phytoncide Air Purifier is just the gift. With a push of a button they will experience better sleep, help prevent the nasty colds and flu, more energy and reduced stress. With the benefits of the Hinoki Cypress forest air around them it’s the simplest way to boost health. Learn more and give the gift of health!


Happy Holidays! We are so thankful this season for the health of our families and are wishing you and your families the best of health, our greatest gift!