Hello Friends of Luxbelle Health! How was your weekend? We spent ours talking to hundred of real people who are living with Fibromyalgia at the National Fibromyalgia Coalition Conference and Retreat. We partnered with a fellow wellness warrior and dear friend Elizabeth Jones from Healthiest Day Ever to listen to the stories of those suffering from Fibromyalgia and offer hope and aid to their symptoms with the Luxbelle Infrared Sauna.

Were you there as well? Tell us about your experience Facebook, Twitter or G+! We’d love to hear from you!

Enough about us, we want to introduce a new blog that we will be featuring twice a month! We’ll be scouring the internet for the best, brightest and need-to-know wellness info, lifestyle how-tos and other internet goodies and compile it all in one post for you to devour as you please. Check back on the blog every other Sunday for a Luxbelle Link Round-up!

As promised, your links. Enjoy.


Since Fibromyalgia is dear to our hearts and with this weekend’s activities, we’re featuring my foggy brain. Stop by her blog for real conversations on fibromyalgia’s daily struggles, helpful insight, encouragement and her wellness workbook!


Trying to plan a Vegan Thanksgiving Menu?! Here’s your guide for skipping the turkey and making it worth it.


We’ve mentioned our dear friend and health advocate Elizabeth Jones, but have you heard her personal health journey and how she was able to reverse her own diabetic diagnosis?! Watch her video here: http://youtu.be/KnngX3m_-bo


At the risk of tooting our own horn and the benefits of Hinoki Cypress essential oil, take a look at how Hinoki Cypress Oil with the Air Purification System can improve the immune system and aid in flu prevention.


Cozy up your home for the winter months ahead these simple + subtle tips!


Heirloom Pumpkin Guide categorized by color. Beautiful.


A great reminder as we head into the holidays, “3 Habits that Keep You Anxious & Unhappy”

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