Luxbelle Air Purification

Luxbelle’s Phytoncide Air Purifier brings the health and therapeutic benefits of forest air to the inside environment. Our all natural, portable and economical air purifier system, has potent antibacterial and antiviral properties that will keep the air you breath clean and safe.

Phytoncide Air Purifier

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The Purification Process

In many Asian cultures, individuals partake in “forest bathing.” These leisurely visits to forests are known to improve one’s health due to  a compound called phytoncide, released by the forest’s trees and plants.  Our Luxbelle air purifier combines the phytoncide rich essential oils of the Hinoki Cypress tree with an innovative air diffusion system to create your own personal forest bathing experience.

What is Phytoncide?

“Phyton” means plant in Latin and “cide” refers to a natural compound that a plant emits to kill microorganisms. Phytoncide helps by both directly killing bacteria and viruses as well as improving your immune system.

The Hinoki Cypress Tree

Not all forests produce the same quantity or quality of phytoncide. Luxbelle uses phytoncide distilled from the Hinoki Cypress tree, believed to have some of the highest concentrations of phytoncide.

The Air Purifier

Enjoy clean, fresh, forest air in the comfort of your own home or office. Our purifier has the following features:

  • Powerful: One unit covers 1,000 square feet
  • Portable: Smaller than a shoebox and plugs into any 110V outlet
  • Maintenance free: No cleaning needed and easy cartridge replacement
  • Customized: Three different modes allowing you to adjust the amount of Phytoncide released

The Health Benefits

The portable Luxbelle Phytoncide Air Purifier replicates the health benefits of fresh forest air inside your office or home.


Research has shown great promise with Phytoncide in improving the human immune system. Phytoncide improves the immune system by increasing natural killer (NK) cell production. These NK cells have been found to be a critical factor in the body’s ability to destroy unwanted bacteria and viruses. This results in a host of health benefits including:

  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Lowers Cortisol Levels
  • Relieves and reduces stress and anxiety
  • Relieves many allergies, asthma, COPD, and emphysema symptoms

Phytoncide is a natural compound that directly kills bacteria and viruses.

  • Destroy 99.9% bacteria for e-coli, staph, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and MRSA
  • Neutralize many chemicals, i.e., formaldehyde
  • Destroy mold spores
  • Relieve many allergy symptoms
  • Relieve many asthma symptoms
  • Fight off viruses (flu, cold sores, etc…)

Phytoncide destroys and prevents malodor at the source by killing the bacteria responsible. Phytoncide also has the ability to neutralize man-made chemical odors

The Research

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Positive Results of Forest Bathing

Study monitored the positive effects of a forest bathing trip on natural killer cell activity.
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Phytoncide Linked to Increased Natural Killer Cell Activity

Follow-up to the above study further defining the relationship between Phytoncide and increases in natural killer cell activity.
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Effects of forest bathing trips on human immune function

Positive effects of a forest bathing trip on human immune function.
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There is simply no other way to explain why I am not terribly congested, with runny nose and red eyes, other than to say it is due to the properties of the Hinoki Cypress and the use of this unit. By reducing the congestion in my lungs and the swelling of my nasal passages I know I will be less susceptible to infection, which then leads to antibiotics and cortisone treatment.
Mary B.
Every winter, I come down with some sort of bronchial condition and three years ago it was pneumonia. Since using the Phytoncide Air Purifier, I’ve had clear lungs and more energy. I recommend this machine for all patients of my clinic.
Tom T.
Over the last three months I have noticed an amazing increase in my lung capacity, which in turn also gives me more endurance during workouts. I am very susceptible to chest colds because of my lung condition but I have not gotten sick this whole winter.  I’m breathing clearer than I ever have before and it’s all thanks to the Phytoncide Air Forest System.
Jonathon G.
Disclaimer: The Luxbelle Phytoncide Air Purifier is not intended to be used as a Medical Device. Consult a physician before use, if you have any medical conditions.