Luxbelle Essential Oils

Luxbelle Essential Oils

Our 100% essential oils are extracted from the leaves and branches of Oriental trees such as the Hinoki Cypress. Each essential oil is chosen because of its specific health benefits. All essential oils below can be used with the Luxbelle Infrared Sauna.

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Hinoki Cypress

Gives off a woodsy aroma and provides strong antibacterial and antiviral properties. This oil is perfect for detoxifying the body while releasing Phytoncide, which helps support the immune system.

hinoki cypress oils


Provides numerous benefits for the respiratory system and offers relief for colds and congestion.  Eucalyptus aids in relaxing sore muscles from overuse.

Eucalyptus essential oils


Relieves stress and anxiety, reduces fatigue and revitalizes skin. Rosewood oil uplifts your spirit and gives you a general sense of well-being.

rosewood essential oils


Stabilizes headaches, burns, stress, depression, psoriasis and other skin problems. Lavender oil also helps to ease tension and benefits the skin.

lavender essential oils


Offers a strong, clean, and fresh aroma that aids digestion and supports the liver and respiratory systems. Peppermint oil also increases mental concentration as well as sense of taste and sense of smell.

peppermint essential oils


A strong antioxidant that can help reduce inflammation. It helps the body with detoxification and supports good liver health. The strong citrus smell and high vitamin C smell can help fight congestion and colds.

mandarin essential oils


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