The Luxbelle Infrared Sauna

Developed by a leader in sauna technology, the Luxbelle infrared sauna brings the health and healing powers of infrared technology and Eastern medicine to you. A carefully designed combination of steam, far-infrared waves, and essential oils bring a host of health benefits.

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The Experience

Improve Your Health

Far-infrared heat, essential oils, and a patented steam filtration system combine to help detoxify at the cellular level and absorb essential oils. All of this translates into the following health benefits:


  • Strengthens your immune system
  • Rejuvenates your skin
  • Lowers your stress levels


  • Reduces inflammation
  • Accelerates healing
  • Relieves congestion

Weight Loss

  • Removes the toxins that inhibit enzyme functions from breaking down stored fat cells
  • Increases your metabolism during and after sauna use

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Advantages of the Luxbelle Sauna

This sauna combines thousands of years of medicine with the latest technology and quality craftsmanship. The result is a sauna that will bring you good health and relaxation for a lifetime. Below you’ll find many advantages of the Luxbelle Sauna over traditional options.

Traditional saunas use high temperature to induce sweating which can elevate blood pressure. Far Infrared technology enables the Luxbelle Sauna to use lower temperatures to achieve the sweating necessary for detoxification without elevating blood pressure.

Not only are we bringing you the best essential oils in the world, but also a system that will enhance the body’s ability to maximize absorption. Our steam dispersal system allows controlled release of essential oils throughout the entire spa treatment. This guarantees efficient absorption of the essential oils.

Great research went into the types of wood used in our spa. The wood was chosen because of its ability to stand up to heat and produce Phytoncide. Phytoncide is a natural antibacterial substance produced by nature that has proven to reduce stress, neutralize toxins, and improve immune functions.

TUV stamp of approval- inspection agency approved by OSHA

The sauna arrives fully assembled. There is no need for plumbing or electrical work.

The spa cleans itself using the antibacterial properties of the essential oils.

One person can move the sauna from room to room. It will work anywhere you can find a standard outlet.

Our saunas require minimal power while in use.


The Research

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The Sauna’s most valuable health benefit is the detoxifying process. I absolutely love how much I sweat when I sit in this spa. I feel the amazing effects throughout the day and the following day. I highly recommend adding this to your general health routine!
Kathy G, Certified Personal Trainer
As a marathon runner, the level of training is intense. Prior to using the spa, my muscles were not fully recovering after training runs and my energy levels were diminishing. Upon incorporating the spa into my recovery process, I have noticed dramatic improvements in muscle recovery. I would recommend the Sauna for anyone who needs that extra boost in recovery.
David F, Marathon Runner
Prior to the Luxbelle Sauna, I was unable to find anything that combined steam, essential oils, and infrared technology. I now recommend this to all my patients because I know it makes all the difference in their care and healing.
Ashley B, Doctor
The Luxbelle Sauna is not intended to be used as a Medical Device. Please consult a physician before using Luxbelle Sauna with any medical conditions. Please note the following restrictions:

Do not drink alcohol before, during, or after using the Luxbelle Sauna.
Do not exceed more than 40 minutes each treatment.
Do not exceed more than 4 treatments per week.
Do not exceed more than 1 treatment per day.